South of Montalcino and half a mile from Castelnuovo dell’Abate’s St. Antimo Abbey is Belpoggio, a roughly 24-acre estate, half of which is dedicated to Sangiovese red wine as well as olive groves which covers the remaining part.
Overlooking the Val D’Orcia and with its dramatic view on Mount Amiata, the property’s recently renewed farmhouse hosts a brand new wine cellar equipped with cutting-edge wine-making technology as well as a spot-on ageing area.
The vineyards altitude (about 1300 ft) and their South-West positioning makes this wine unique all the while being completely eco-friendly.

Tuscan wine: pure poetry of the land from which it stems

Enrico Martellozzo

The Martellozzo family has been operating in the Veneto region’s wine field for over 100 years and has been so extraordinarily successful with its own local Prosecco brand that they came up with a new idea for red wine.

The newest generation of the family is nowadays represented by Enrico Martellozzo, who – both loyal to tradition and inspired by his wife Renata Rami’s passion for Tuscany – purchased an estate in the Montalcino area in 2005 and named it Belpoggio. This is a “family project” in which he also involved his long-trusted wine expert Francesco Adami, who is in charge of the Prosecco production.


The territory

The wine cellar