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In 1993 the winery was taken over by Enrico Martellozzo, a member of a family with ancient traditions in the wine industry.

Enrico relaunches it by focusing on the excellence and quality of the territory, collaborating with the renowned oenologist Francesco Adami. 

Bellussi’s attention focuses on the research and selection of grapes that can enhance the aromatic characteristics, elegance and freshness of each wine.


Together with Conegliano, Valdobbiadene is the historical Prosecco production area (DOCG since 2010), a Unesco heritage.

Only Prosecco produced in the DOCG area can be called SUPERIORE.

With the highest concentration of mountain vineyards, Valdobbiadene is in fact the capital of Prosecco.

Valdobbiadene Venezia Alto Adige
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