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· L ' E S P R E S S I O N E D E L L A C U L T U R A V E N E T A

The entire line, its name included, is dedicated to the Opera.

The first Belcanto sparkling wine was born in 1996, to support the International Competition Toti Dal Monte for Opera Singers.

In 1999, the company obtained the prestigious “Guggenheim Business and Culture Award” with “Belcanto di Bellussi” project.

Today, the Belcanto line is the official wine of LA FENICE THEATER in Venice.


Belcanto is the finest line of Bellussi’s sparkling wines: the result of a careful selection of the best grapes, combined with the aging times in autoclave, which – according to the charmat method – reach 6 months of fermentation.

The hilly morphology, together with the exposure to the sun and the particular microclimate, confer a rare structural elegance and a remarkable aromatic finesse.

Valdobbiadene Venezia Alto Adige
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