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· N E L C U O R E D E L C U O R E D E L L A T O S C A N A

Driven by a continuous search for quality, and by his wife Renata Rami, a great lover of Tuscany, in 2005 Enrico Martellozzo bought an estate in the Montalcino area and called it Belpoggio

Thus a family project began. It also involved their trusted winemaker Francesco Adami, already responsible for the production of Prosecco.


Belpoggio is located south-east of Montalcino, in the small village of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, just 500 m from the ancient Abbey of Sant’Antimo. An exceptional location, considered one of the best for the cultivation of Sangiovese. Here the natural elements cooperate to offer this area a special microclimate.

The vineyards are positioned at 400 m above sea level on steep rocky slopes in a terrain rich in skeleton and tuff components.

It’s thanks to all these elements that such a great complexity can be found in our wines.

Montalcino Firenze
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